Our Partners

Whitmore School -CompuHigh

 Offers online enrollment for homeschoolers for grade level courses in math, science, social studies, and language arts with a few electives available for the elementary and middle school levels. High school level offers a much broader selection of options and electives with courses for both remedial and AP levels. There are plenty of tech and career prep electives but foreign language courses are very limited. Courses align with national standards, including the Common Core State Standards for math & language arts. https://www.whitmoreschool.org/

American Islamic school. (AIS)

American Islamic school offers online enrollment for homeschoolers for grade 1-6 and soon grades (7, 8). It’s a Project Based Learning curriculum that is connected to Islamic values to prepare students for the 21stcentury. AIS also offer an exceptional Islamic Studies program, Quran, and a traditional pathway. AIS also provide a pathway to a Canadian and American High School diploma that is accredited and recognized by universities and colleges worldwide.